We Believe


The Bee

The "bee" is a symbol we embrace and we see ourselves buzzing around pollinating and promoting Makers as we visit artisan and Maker markets, gathering a "sweet," eclectic mix of creative goods. We bring back our goods to the hive to share & brighten your life & home.

Our Mission

We inspire and "Brighten the Life & Home" of our customers by providing them with eclectic designs & hand-crafted goods and connecting them to the passionate Makers that made them.

Our Core Values

Bee Kind

We believe in being kind to the earth & all living things because kindness matters and is never wasted.

Bee Generous

We are committed to giving freely of our time, resources and talents to support people and causes throughout the world.

Bee Passionate

Passion fills us with meaning, energy and focus. One of our greatest passions is to connect more people to Makers, and their passion to create.

Bee Thoughtful

Being thoughtful is one of the most powerful tools to connect with people and build relationships. We care for the needs and happiness of others.

Bee Inspired

We are grateful for people and their actions that inspire us to explore new possibilities for ourselves and our world. As we are inspired, we feel the responsibility to inspire others.

Our mission and values reflect who we are and remind us that our work is bigger and more important than simply succeeding financially as a business. Our aim is for Eclectic Box Goods to influence, contribute and connect to the Makers community.